Saturday, September 24, 2005

Assignment #5


Give me a whole paragraph on the following topic:

If you could murder anyone in the galaxy and it be legal, Who? Why? and How?

** Check the last post for current averages if you have not already**

Friday, September 23, 2005

Current Grades #1

They are listed by Name/ Grade/ Missing Assignments

*****Note: The person with the higest grade will recieve FREE brownies untill the grades are posted again, the secound highest average will get FREE cookies every other week untill grades are posted again, If you would like a higher Grade complete the assignments you are missing and you will recieve an 80*****

Anakin 98.7 NONE

Siri 96 NONE

Typho 0 All Of Them

Yoda 98.3 NONE

Chewie 0 All Of Them

Dooku 31 #2,#3

Sabe 66 #4

Leia 50 #4

Grevious 90 NONE

Oola 100 NONE

******Congrats to: Oola and Anakin******

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Assignment #4

I will give you a short story like a sentence or two and I want you to anwser it more like complete the sentence by telling me what you would do next.

1) A youngling walks by and steps on your foot but doesnt apologize, you..........

2) A Wookie trots down the road and is holding up traffic, You..........

3) A Jawa shoves his way past a crowd in line at the movies as he is trying to get in but he apologizes, you..........

4) A Jedi slices your arm off for no aparent reason and uses the excuse " The force made me do it", You..........

5) You start to like someone but someone else you know starts to like you, So You..........

Monday, September 12, 2005

Assignment #3

Windu (Me)

Tell me when you look at these pictures what is the first thing that comes to mind!

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Assignment #2

POP QUIZ! (Yoda you are supposed to do this assignment)

#1: If you had to use a disguise what would it be?

#2: If you had a chance to pick your own Jedi assignment where would it be? Why?

#3: If you were to, let's say fall in love with someone very high up the government what would you do about it?

#4: If you had the chance to pick any super-power what would it be? (jedi powers are not super powers.)

#5: If you had the power to change any of the Jedi Council rules what would you change? Why?

** All anwsers are due Sunday, September 11,2005.**

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Assignment #1

Yes, now instead Of getting up early, getting dressed before the Council meetings start just to come to Anger management class, you can relax at home with a cup of jawa juice and do all of your assignments right after you update your blog. And you dont have to worry about being late, you can do the assignment anytime of the week you like. And yes instead of Daily class assignments you now have weekly Assignments.

Assignment #1: You all should be working on the current one and I already know Anakin is finished.

People who are in this class and should be doing the assignments are:

-Yoda (with the exception of only doing every other assignment)
(If you think you need to join this class or just want something to do please post on Master Windu's Blog)