Monday, November 28, 2005

Assignment #11

QUIZ! Its very easy all the anwsers are in the blog's archives?

#1:In Current Grades #1, who had the higest average?
#2:In Assignment #3, Who is in the 4th picture?
#3:In Assignment #2, What was Anakin's 2nd comment?
#4:In assignment #1, Who posted the 2nd comment?
#5:In Grades #2, Who had a 97.5% average?
#6:In Assignment #6 comments, What did Anakin say was his favorite movie?
#7:In Assignment #4 on question #2, what is the 11th word?
#8:On Assignment #5, Who posted the first comment?
#9:In Assignment #9, What holiday were we celebrating?
#10:What did we do on Assignment #11?
***BONUS***: Tell me which was your favorite assignment, why, how do you think I can improve this class? <+5 points>

- Obi-Wan since you like commenting on this blog so much, you can join the class if you like!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Lucky for all of you there will be no Assignment this week over the holidays.

I am very dissapointed in most of you, Only two of you did the last assignment and it was worth two grades, luckliy for Typho and Grevious BOTH of you will recieve a bucket of candy because you are the only ones who did the assignment. When we all come back to class next Monday we will have a quiz over all of the assignments. Grades are posted below and we have completed 10 weeks. So next week all of the averages start over, so here is your chance to become Student Of The 10 Weeks.

Anakin 82.7

Siri 78.0

Typho 91.5

Yoda 86.8

Dooku 9.5

Sabe 77.5

Leia 54.4

Grevious 98.7

Oola 51.8

JawaJuice 25.0

************The student of the 10 Weeks is............GREVIOUS! Congrats!************

You win......
-Free 100 pass
-Free plate of Brownies
-Free plate of Cookies
-Free Lightsabor Shine Token
-Free Assignment Pass (dont have to complete one assignment)


Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Assignment #10

Say you wanted to create a way to scare people, so you and your friend decide to create a Haunted House. (please anwser the following questions)

1) What would be your main attraction? (the thing that gets peoples attention)
2) Would you charge an admission fee? (how much)
3) What kind of costumes would you use? (give 3 examples)
4) Where would you have it? (ex: in your backyard)
5) If your friends had to dress up in some costume who would dress as what? (give me 5)
6) Would it be a scarry Haunted House or a Fun haunted House? (rate it G,PG,PG13,R)
7) What would cause it to be rated that?
8) Would you give away any FREE stuff?
9) Email me a picture of what your haunted house would look like!
my email address:

******You have 2 WEEKS to complete this, the best one gets a FREE bucket of CANDY******